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Hello Recovery World

Posted by on March 21, 2011

New wordpress blog with camel theme goes online.

2 Responses to Hello Recovery World

  1. Kate Brookfield

    Thank you for your Recovery tips and suggestions. However, as a Canadian I wonder why when I follow a Google link to Al-Anon Ontario I am greeted with the flag of the USA? I can see that is your logo for your US Recovery sites, but for Canada, can you please use the Canadian flag or no flag at all. Thank you. But we in Canada do not like to feel we are just another US State!

    Thanks for your attention to this detail.

  2. easy does it

    Kate, are you searching for recovery or nationalism???? we don’t care what flag is flying long as we don’t use……you’re probably a newcomer not done using, we with real recovery are happy to see any flag!!!!!
    keep coming back

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